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[NOTE TO OUR VISITORS: Welcome! After a long and interesting journey, earthquakesafety.com is back in California. We are doing some general updates to the site, improving the mobile experience and cleaning up old stale links, and so on.]The information contained in this website evolved from ESI’s practice as a speciality residential retrofitting contractor over a period of 30 years. During that time we completed seismic upgrades on over 7,500 homes and gained wide ranging expertise in the field. We developed relationships with the engineering community and building departments and contributed many of our own ideas to the professional retrofitting process.

When Earthquake Safety was formed the notion of strengthening homes against earthquake damage was in its infancy and reliable information on proper retrofitting specifications, hardware, and techniques was not generally available. Since then residential seismic strengthening has become widespread and municipalities throughout the Bay Area encourage owners of older homes to protect them from damage by having a knowledgeable contractor perform their retrofit.

Earthquake Safety Inc. is no longer in the retrofit contracting business. However, as a service to homeowners we have put together a series of basic recommendations with links to various informational sites. What we have provided is by no means exhaustive and is only intended to provide an overview. Our intent is to enable those who wish to undertake a retrofit project make informed choices and hopefully achieve the goal of protecting their homes and keeping them livable after an earthquake.


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